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SHS High SchoolWelcome Back My Friends...

50? 60? Half a century? Well that certainly went fast. But they still play Led Zeppelin on the radio like it was 1967. "What's up with that?" And yet it sounds current. Many of us have kept up relations since SHS. I'm often reminded how special this is by more recent friends who are amazed I still know people from high school, let alone how strong and fluid the class bond continues to be. From my experience, many do not have what we have.

Was it the music, social change, the "Bomb", the assassinations, Civil Rights, cultural revolution, political turmoil, the war, free love, economic shifts, drugs, TV sitcoms, personal experimentation, spiritualization, questioning of authority, globalization, Woodstock, the mass media, fate, existential entropy? Or, was it that little drop of Retzin in the toothpaste? Whatever it was, something galvanized during those very intense years and the line of demarcation seems drawn between 1968 and 1969.

So here we are.... 40 plus years later. We're half a century old, it's a new Century, 6 has become 9 and not only did we cut off our hair, some of us have lost it. Argh! But has it really been such a long strange trip? For a generation nursed on "change" we shouldn't be surprised. It's like a river... always the same, yet always different. Age Different!

So here's our Bandersnatch iBook '99. It's a fun and iterative process. If you'd like to post a picture and update please go to the submissions page to find out how. It's really been really fun getting email and photos from people I haven't seen in 30 years and to hear what they've done and are doing.

On a somber note, we have built a page in memorial to the classmates we have lost as a remembrance and expression of sympathy to their families and loved ones. This site is dedicated to them.

About this new website.

This is a brand new site build from scratch. The old site served us well for many years, but it was time for an upgrade with a new look and new programming technology. This site is fully databased and each of you gets your own login so that you can update your My Profile page whenever you want! So if you decide to create a profile page, please keep it up to date.

At very least please update your contact information so we can reach you regarding upcoming reunions and class events or news. Just click log In and then Edit. When you're done don't forget to click the Save button at the very bottom of the page or your changes won't stick.

In closing, Louise Weiss and Robert Posey have led the way with planning, finding and inviting us to our Reunion over the years and whom we'd like to thank and honor here.

That's if for now. Enjoy...