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By admin, 03/30/2011
These are the comments from the original SHS 69 site. They are not interactive so you can't post to them, but we felt from an archival point of view, we should have them on the site in case anyone wanted to see some of the historical posts. If there were replies to the Comment, they follow the Comment on the same page for easy reading.

40th is Under Way! by Steven Shmerler, 7/3/09
40th Reunion eList by Steven Shmerler, 1/6/08
A Vote For A 40th  by Patsy Kimble Brunner, 1/6/08
40th Reunion  by Louise Weiss , 1/6/08
Robin Kessler by Pat Metz Borck, 8/30/06 by RB, 8/19/06
Alive and Found by John Shulman, 3/21/06
Update by Bill Carlin, 1/19/06
FOUND by Audrey Caspari, 3/8/05
Nightcrawlers by Mike Hauptman, 9/29/04
Starting Over by Jonathan B. Horen, 6/5/04
SHS newspaper articl by Elissa Kozlov, 09/07/2003
Mail by Bart, 05/23/2003
9/11 Anniversary by Louise Weiss, 09/10/2002
Thanks & new email by Margo Neri (Ward), 07/28/2002
AARP? ARGH! by Steven Shmerler, 06/13/2002
In memory of Donna by Patsy Kimble Brunner, 02/27/2002
Re:Donna Moseman by Louise Weiss, 02/24/2002
Great Site by Ron Sussberg, 12/20/2001
Thanks to Louise by Lucy Kaufman, 11/18/2001
Don't Do It! by Steven Corbin, 10/05/2001
Long Day's Journey by Bill Carlin, 10/02/2001
New email address by susan carmel, 10/02/2001
New e-mail address by Louise Weiss, 09/12/2001
looking for quote by Margo Neri Ward, 07/31/2001
Crazy Quilt by Judie Handman, 07/08/2001
Coincidence? by Steven Shmerler, 06/14/2001
Civil Rghts lawyers? by Carol Goldberg, 03/20/2001
Holiday Greetings! by Louise Weiss, 12/18/2000
Who remembers? by Sam Hofmann, 11/29/2000
This is great by David Richmond, 11/12/2000
Karen Kaufteil by Judie Handman, 11/08/2000
Phil Cotty (found!) by Louise Weiss, 08/05/2000
I'm Gone by Jonathan B. Horen, 07/16/2000
Class reunion 70 by Audrey Caspari, 04/30/2000
Phil Cotty by Louise Weiss, 04/20/2000
Foot Surgery(Again) by Louise Weiss, 3/11/2000
Foot Surgery by Louise Weiss, 3/9/2000
How random! by Karen Schiller, 3/5/2000
Picture Correction by Bob Finley, 2/14/2000
Prom Night... by Steven Shmerler, 1/12/2000
Lynne Ames' article by Patsy Kimble Brunner, 1/9/2000
Grandparents by Carol Goldberg, 12/23/99
Ms. by Louise Weiss, 11/15/99
I'm Back by Jonathan B. Horen, 11/13/99
30th photos! by Patsy Kimble Brunner, 11/13/99
20th Reunion by Marlo Lewis, 11/3/99
Need Reunion pix by Steven Shmerler, 10/15/99
More Participants!! by John Tarnoff, 10/12/99
Note to Patsy Kimble by Alice Kremers, 9/29/99
Reunion update by Louise Weiss, 9/27/99
The reunion was great by Carol Goldbert, 9/27/99
Next Reunion-35th or 40th? by Marlo Lewis 9/27/99
I'm Leavin on a Jet Plane by Jonathan B. Horen 9/27/99
Welcome by Steven Shmerler 9/26/99