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By admin, 03/30/2011
This Forum is a serious upgrade to the Comments feature we had on the first website. But it is actually very simple to use. You can either start a topic, called a Thread, or reply to someone that has started one or reply to some who replied to someone that started a Thread.

That's why it's worded this way:

Reply to this Post - that's if you want to reply to the Thread someone started
Reply to this Comment - That's if you want to reply to some who replied to a Thread

Your name and date are automatically inserted to make it easy for you. Like most formums, you have to be logged in to the site in order to post in this Forum.

If you haven't set up your profile yet and don't have a username or password, we'll get back to you how to do that...

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An update 10/27/12
Louise Weiss
Hi there! In January, 2012, I purchased an apartment in Boca Raton, FL for winter usage. I have just arrived! It was a long drive from Casper, Wyoming (4,076 miles, to be exact). I spent a month in Las Vegas, and then made my way down here.
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