Carol Goldberg

After graduating from Pace University (Pleasantville, NY) I worked in White Plains for a year, moved to Denver, CO where I worked for 3 years and eventually ended up in New Orleans, LA where I got my Masters in Social Work (Tulane University).

I eventually moved to the Philadelphia, PA (Delaware County) area where I was married in 1981. I had two beautiful children (Laura in 1982 and Kevin in 1983). I stayed home with my kids working part-time from the house and doing a lot of volunteer work, for my children's schools and outside activities to organizations like The American Cancer Society and The Arthritis Foundation.

My marriage lasted about 13 years (My divorce will be final for 5 years this December). I have been working in Pharmaceutical Research now for 12 years. The first 7 was in Marketing Research and the last 5 in Clinical Research where I am responsible for ensuring database integrity, which has encompassed activities like programming and managing data flow to presenting at Investigator's Meetings (I hope to go back down to New Orleans this November). It's always different and I love learning and doing new and challenging things. Laura goes to college next year and is learning to drive (now I know how my mother felt), Kevin is in the 10th grade (will be 16 in November).

I am proud that I have been able to take care of my family as a single parent and am even quoted in The Single Parent Resource by Brook Noel (pages 126 & 143). In my spare time I love exploring the internet and finding people and things that interest me at the moment (I found Jon Horen, who led me to Karen Denton and Bruce Schiller, who informed me of the SHS Reunion and together Karen and I found Fredda Fiedler).

My email address is [email protected] and I have an AOL homepage. I took my kids to California (San Deigo and San Francisco) two years ago and the Jazz Festival in New Orleans last year. I love traveling and plan to do more in the future.

Take care,
Carol Goldberg Maeder