Alison Goulder

I graduated from Cornell in '73 and have been teaching young children in various settings since then. In '78 I received a Masters in Expressive Therapies from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA with certification in special education. I've been involved with the arts and dance community in the Boston area since I moved here in '75. (My daughter, Deborah, now dances and performs at the Dance Complex in Cambridge where first I worked and danced back in the late 70's !). I got married in '77 and have two great children, Deborah, born in '82 and David, born in '86. I only knew Richard four months before we wed, but our marriage survived 17 years. I was divorced in '94.

I have been teaching in the Belmont Public Schools, a suburb of Boston for the past ten years. I have worked with autistic, developmentally delayed, and medically involved children in an inclusive setting. The diagnoses continue to expand--ODD, PDD, rare genetic disorders. I think I've worked with them all over the years. (every couple of years, I track down Don Lessem to speak to my classes on his latest dinosaur discoveries).

My love of dance and movement still exists, but has transformed into a passion for Masters Competitive Swimming. For the past several years, I learned the art of competitive swimming and currently swim with The Cambridge Masters Swim Club at Harvard. It's a very fast,competitive group of swimmers. Most of them are only slightly older than my own children. However, I love the sport and the swim competitions. I recently medaled in the 220 yd. butterfly event at the New England Masters Swim Meet at Brown University last Spring. For what it's worth, my times for the 1 hour Postal swim put me in the top twenty for my age-group at the national level. I hope to attend the Nationals when I "age up" (that is, when I turn 50). Right now we are gearing up for a big meet in December. (By the way, most of the swim workouts are before work, at 5:30 A.M.)

My other passion is traveling with my son to various baseball parks across the country. What a great way to travel. In the last couple of summers, we have gone on baseball tours to Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit, Denver and most recently Seattle. It's been a fun way to re-connect with former SHS'rs too. (Katie Pelz met me at the Detroit airport) This past summer David and I got to go to the new Safeco field in Seattle with Gail Heilbron and her family. We had a great time!

Other SHS'rs that I see on a regular basis... Katie Kubie introduced me to her book club several years ago and she is better about reading and attending than I. However, except for this year (I was college shopping in Ithaca with my daughter), we have run the Tufts 10K women's race together for 10 consecutive years. I also see Joan Bachrach at various school functions, since our girls are both seniors at Newton North High School.

I would love to hear from other SHS'rs. I live very close to the myriad of Boston colleges, so if you are planning to have your offspring look at schools here, please get in touch with me. I'd be glad to give directions, info, etc.

Goulder Family
David, Alison and Deborah

Also...any other Master swimmers out there? Let me know and get in contact with me...