Michael Richard Heller

I like to say that I went underground after 2 years in undergraduate school and resurfaced about a decade later. I have been working, on and off, on a Novel loosely based on my experiences during and after that time, but I will probably never finish it. No matter, writing keeps the experiences alive and dynamic.

I went back to school in the early 80’s, graduated magna cum laude in psychology with a minor in chemistry and went on to Medical school. It was at this time that I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease, which blow any chance of getting my Medical degree. I opted out for an easier life of CUNY Graduate School in Experimental Psychology, teaching at the CUNY campuses and preparing myself for the final answer. As luck would have it I received a liver transplant in ’92 at Mt Sinai Hospital in Manhattan (I had good connections from people I had meet at Medical School), and continued to work toward a PhD in Psychology. After receiving my Master’s degree my motivation to finish my doctoral work started to fizzle and in ‘97 I took a job as a Data Manager and Data Analyst at a large Brooklyn Hospital. At this time I am still working there and am on a leave of Absence from the CUNY graduate program.

No kids (that I know about), no wife or significant other right now, though many have passed through my life, plenty of friends and a good life.

I hope to see or hear from some of you soon.

MRH (Ricky Heller)

BTW – My area of expertise in psychology is Learning and Memory, Information Processing, Experimental Design and Statistics. I have an extensive background in computing, both hardware and software and am a digital photographer enthusiast (amateur).