Michael Hofman

Mike has lived in San Francisco with his wife Janet Moyer since 1983. It's a pleasure to live in such a beautiful city. After both having careers in health care for 20 years, they made a major career change! Janet started a gardening business, and after seeing how successful and enjoyable the work was, Mike followed her into the business. It's great work and since the weather here is pretty good all year we don't have to worry about snow!

One of the great pleasures about being self-employed is we get to work all the time! But this does have its benefits, as we group all our weekends together and have gone on some great trips (many of them scuba diving expeditions): Palau, Yap, Tonga, Belize, Roaton, etc. We're now planning a trip to Papua New Guinea in early Feb., should be fun.

Best to everyone!