Ron Kadan

As Cher sings " If I could turn back time...". So many times I have told my children and friends thatI loved being 17 - 19. It was such a great time for me. To have such good friends and get involved in all the protesting of the War and fighting for Civil Rights. It is a time that I cherish and will never forget.So strong are the memories that I dream of my old classmates from time to time. I wake up and wonder how they are doing and if they remember me.

After leaving SHS and going to Halsted School in Yonkers I then went on to Northeastern University for 6 months! Got too involved in the anti war situation that I hardly went to classes, and thus dropped out. I worked in White Plains at the pet department in Macys for a while. Then I worked in an animal hospital for 1 year. I then got my life together and went to Dean Junior College in MA. From there I went to Pfeiffer College in NC and graduated with a degree in pre-veterinary medicine.

My first marriage was to Marilynn Murgolo from SHS class of 1969and that lasted from 1972 - 1984.

From NC I moved back to NY and settled first in Yonkers, then Tuckahoe and finally in Briarcliff Manor.

Got remarried in 1985 and moved to Weddington NC in 1987.We have 3 children. Nicole is my step daughter and she is working in Boston. Ben is my 15 year old and Kimmie is our 14 year old. We are obtaining legal guardianship of my 14 year old niece which will be a wonderful addition to our family. We have 2 cats, 2 dogs and a great life here in NC.

I have been working in our family business since 1975 and am having a midlife crisis. I hate this job! I have had a hot dog cart, made custom contemporary furniture and am starting a new career as a designer of indoor and outdoor water gardens.

I love sailing and we have a small house on Lake Wateree in SC. My sailboat is 16' long and is named "Serendipity".I love yoga, meditation, long walks, holistic medicine and reading peoples aura's.

May our next 50 years be as rewarding and loving as the past.

Ronnie Kadan