Julie Kaufman

Current Status:
Living in Atherton, CA with husband, Wally Niemasik, and sons James (16) and Thomas (13). (This photo was taken in August 1999.)

After finishing Wellesley, I spent the summer teaching water skiing at my old camp in Maine (a girls' camp). There I met Wally, one of the few male faces around. He was driving the waterski boat - a real summer romance. Wally and I were married in 1976. We spent the next five years living in Washington, D.C., where he was an attorney and I worked for the FTC. We decided we'd be happier in the business world than the legal one (and California sun would be better than East Coast snow), so we enrolled together at Stanford Graduate School of Business, finishing in 1982.

We stayed in California, where Wally was fortunate enough to start as an investment manager right at the beginning of this long-running bull market. I began a career as a management consultant and then worked in marketing. Since 1986, 1 have run a market research business, specializing in focus groups and surveys for medical companies. Lately, dot-coms have taken over, and even my medical work is web related. Because I work from home, I have been able to juggle work and family time pretty well. Actually, I try not to let my work interfere with my weekly tennis game, weight training, taking kids to activities, etc. I've achieved a very pleasant balance.

My parents still live in Scarsdale, so I get back occasionally. I loved seeing everyone at the reunion, and look forward to the next one.