Gary Kemp

I've already celebrated the end of the millennium with a ceremony, in this case a wedding. I got married in June; my lovely wife Jayne is an editor at Houghton Mifflin here in Boston. The picture shows us on our recent honeymoon at Harry's bar in Venice. After enduring months of amazement and despair negotiating the pitfalls of the area's wildly overheated real estate market (at one point we ran into Don Lessem, who seemed to share with us the glassy-eyed look of those who have seen one too many claustrophobic open houses), we bought a house in Brookline and will be moving in a few weeks. We hope to start a family some time in the next millennium.

As for my other post-SHS activities, I had a colorful, if not very lucrative, career as a musician, playing guitar in bands throughout the Midwest and New England. I played for a biker convention in Wisconsin (they behaved themselves), the US Navy in Boston (they didn't, the Shore Patrol came in to break up a brawl) and everyone else from lumberjacks to brain surgeons. I shared the stage with a few of the greats (Merle Haggard) and some lesser lights (a female Elvis impersonator competition), and I loved playing but eventually got tired of the road.

During the 1980's I stopped practicing guitar and started practicing law. It was quite a switch at first but it has it's advantages, such as daytime hours, (mostly) articulate and slightly less eccentric colleagues and a smoke-free working environment. I'm now with a firm here doing trademark, copyright and general business law, and my clients range from software/internet companies to sporting goods manufacturers, plus a few authors, publishers and rug merchants. I've gone back to playing music occasionally with some of my old band mates, but these days it's strictly for fun, and I've replaced the road trips to Green Bay with hiking trips in Spain.