Betsey Kiel

It isn't easy summarizing 30 years into a paragraph. The best synopsis would be to say I have been surrounded by an awesome family, an awesome God, and hundreds of little kids.

In 1976 I married Peter Murray of LaPorte, Ind. We embarked on many adventures in the natural food field. Peter promotes organic farming and textiles, currently working for an organic clothes company. We have 3 kids. Skye is a junior at University of Evansville in Indiana majoring in French. Tyler a junior in high school majoring in Cruising and Brett is in 8th grade and majoring in sports and internet.

For 20 years I ran a day care business and spent my days with Playdough and swing sets. Last June, I closed the business and I went back to my first love which is cooking. I cook lunch for a private club in Ann Arbor. It is very fun. Ann Arbor is a great place to live. Come visit.

Betsy Kiel Murray