Don Lessem

Since graduating SHS I've done a few things that would have earned me detention but managed to stay out of cults, drugs, and jail and so didn't get the most out of the seventies. Life has been more exciting since then. I'm recently separated after 20 years of marriage that turned out two lovely daughters (they don't take after me), one a freshman at Bryn Mawr, the other a sophomore in Newton South HS.

As for a so-called profession, I did attend five colleges, ending up in Boston as a colorblind art historian which qualified me to work as a security guard at the Harvard Coop. I went to graduate school in animal behavior, worked briefly for Richard Golob and a now-defunct branch of the Smithsonian and then became a journalist and writer, largely self-employed (or unemployed depending on perspective). I worked for the Boston Globe and other papers and magazines before I got too long-winded.

Since, I've written lots of books, most for kids, on natural history themes and a few tasteless humor books as well. Ten years ago on an MIT fellowship year I got interested in dinosaurs and have spent the last many years playing with them in various legal ways. I was an advisor to the Jurassic Park film and ride and Disney theme park, created a couple of charities for dinosaur research, hosted and wrote some NOVA and Discovery Channel documentaries, made a Microsoft CD, do a column for Highlights Magazine (the one in the dentist's office) and built a big traveling Jurassic Park/Lost World museum exhibit which like it or not will probably come to a city near you. I have a company to build big skeletons from Argentine dinosaurs and casts of Spielberg's dinosaurs. Consequently I travel a lot to even weirder places than Edgemont -- Mongolia, Patagonia, Alaska, etc. where dinosaur bones hang out. That's about it, except that I look forward to this event and seeing classmates with anticipation nearly equal to trepidation.