Laurie Livingston

I am genuinely sorry that I'll miss our 40th reunion, but I just can't manage to get across the country by Oct. 4. Hard to believe, I have resided in the San Francisco Bay Are over 20 years now. I still love it, and can't imagine living anywhere else. No I don't miss real winter or humid summers!

My then husband & I adopted to boys as we hit 40. Divorced for 12 years, I have been raising the kids on my own. While many of you are now grandparents, I still have one in 12th grade, and one will start college right before the reunion. In addition to the challenges of the kids special needs, I have switched careers a couple of times. When still living in NYC, I was in the marketing end of the advertising business, and continued that for a year or two out here. Then I did electronic day trading full time until shortly after the famous bust. Now I am helping find potential clients for a small virtual company that does intra-day newsletters for the foreign exchange and fixed income markets...a challenge in these financial times.

I hope you all have a blast at the reunion, and please contact me when you visit the West Coast.

Livingston Family