Mary Marks

This reunion season finds me a farm girl on the cusp of the Shenandoah. A herd of cattle calls my pasture home, as Barbara Epremian can attest. From my log house, I run my nine-year-old business, Remarkable Prose. My clients tend to be in the financial, business-management and high-tech fields, where clarity often succumbs to complexity or hype. My mission has been to make clients' strengths both apparent and appealing.

In middle age, I've taken up tap dancing (my mother's stomping ground). Most recently, I've joined the Round Hill, Va., volunteer fire and rescue squad. By the start of winter, I should be a certified emergency medical technician.

For some years I have been engrossed in horseback riding, which has led me (and my mare, Gertrude Brown) into competitions both in the ring & cross-country. The latter is based on fox hunting--don't worry, we've never caught one while I've been out--which is just gearing up. The week-long Field Hunter Championship of America starts the Monday after reunion, so I'll probably be at the barn, not the picnic.

Tally-ho, y'all...