Katie Pelz

I didn't get around to this until this our 50th year for reasons that will be clear as you read this. But to start more toward the beginning... After graduating from University of Rochester, I moved to Ann Arbor and got my M.S.W. I met my husband, Glenn, at my field placement (he was a psychologist there) and I started working with children and adolescents here in Michigan. He had a six year old son (who is now 32, married and attending med school here in Ann Arbor). We married in 1978 and two years later with another couple formed Family Therapy Associates where I still practice, now doing work with a whole variety of people, especially adolescent girls at the moment. We had two children together, Becky who is now 20 and attending Brown and Michael who is almost 16 and going into his junior year in high school. In May, 1998 Glenn was diagnosed with lung cancer and after a difficult 2 year struggle died in May, 2000.

As I turn 50 I find myself starting to figure out what my next adventure will look like. I decided to celebrate this year in a big way and am having 5 celebrations, one for each decade (a party of women, a birthday triathlon for all my friends, a family dinner, a luau on Cape Cod which includes old SHS friends Barbara Garey, Jennifer Johnston and Rogeriee Thompson, and a women's ritual). I would love to hear from any of you. Should you be in the area please call and I will show you what a wonderful place Ann Arbor is. My e-mail address is [email protected]