Bob Bloomfield

After graduating from high school, Bob went in search of fame and four chins by attempting massive weight gain, but instead found the pursuit of higher learning quite confusing, daunting, and hefty. For his four years at Dartmouth, he majored in psychology, because that was the subject where he could find the largest bevy of lost souls. He also minored in anthropology and education, but couldn't figure out how to apply these social sciences in real life, having a long history of social ineptitude himself.

In his senior college year, he drove out to California in his roommates hand-painted VW to try his hand at high school student teaching, to find himself, and to find his conservative, grounded mentorMarlo Lewis. He failed at student teaching, hands down, lost touch with Marlo for many moons, and lost his ride back east to complete his planned course of study. Any gains he obtained by traveling west were completely eradicated on his hurried way hitchhiking cross country, back to New England.

When he returned to the East, Bob forgot about his major and pursued what most lost, indecisive students do as a default planhe became pre-med. He was accepted at Duke University Medical Center, where he spent four years fulfilling his mothers dream (A real doctah!). Before receiving his M.D. degree, he played music in two European tours with a folk trio-Red Herring On the Continent, the populace was very particular about their wine (esp. red), but non-discriminating concerning American music, as well as R&R (rhy thm and ridicule). In 1978, he returned to the states, married another procreative physician, Carolyn. Bob fathered two children, now 21 and 18, who have no interest whatsoever in pursuing careers in medicine (Oi vay!!; where did we go wrong!!).

For several years, Bob started climbing the academic ladder, became the Director of the PA Program at Wake Forest University, conducted clinical research, published, and then, almost perished. In 1986, a stroke curtailed many of Bobs activities, forced him back down the rungs of the ladder [almost to a subterranean level], and temporarily grounded him; he was forced, at that point, to finally get down to some serious business.

He continues to practice internal medicine near Tobaccoville, in Winston-Salem, NC, in an artsy, smokeless commune and half-time prudist colony, writes medical treatises, novels, produces music for others more capable, [LIKE U SHMERLER] and catches up with old friends. He is now the Director of the Evergreen Clinic and Harbinger Medical Press, which produce health information and cheap advice for doctors, health practitioners, and patients. In addition to promoting medical books, healthcare, and musical CDs, Bob has been approached by K-Mart and Martha Stewart to distribute the Red Herring fine line of flimsy lingerie; he has, however, repeatedly refused their titillating advances.

Edited by Master [of ed.] Robert Rettew, MLIS, M.Ed. [Scarsdale Jr, High-Cooper House, ’65]

Reviewed by Dr. Marlo Lewis, Ph.D.

You can reach Bob (still accepting patients) by writing:

Evergreen Health Promotion/
Harbinger Medical Press
3720 Vest Mill Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 659-6250

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