Roger Sherman

After selling my tickets to Woodstock (too crowded), I became interested in photography, then film. In 1976 I founded Florentine Films and have been making documentaries ever since. My most recent film, Alexander Calder, was an American Masters PBS special. It was honored with a Peabody Award and an Emmy, winning the Outstanding Series category. It only took twenty years to get back into photography, after becoming a filmmaker. I'm a regular contributor to Saveur (see the special Venice issue hitting the newsstands in October) and Garden Design magazines.

I live in NYC with my lovely wife, Dorothy Kalins, and our a six year old son, Lincoln. He's a beautiful, smart, funny, strong-willed and happy kid, when he's not getting sent to his room.

If I ever get it together to finish my website, you'll be able to find more than you want to know...