Alice Weber

I've been in Maine for a long time, around 24 years. I can see the ocean and two islands from my bathroom window. It took me years to achieve this. My kids--were they adorable? lovely?--okay, why not--are 22 (Jeff) and 19 (Mike). They are both a lot of fun, and actually very humble, and are heavily into theoretical math. I flunked math in the 8th grade, but I held a book about differential equations to my belly when I was pregnant with both of them. It works, I tell you. I have two dogs who bring a lot of sand into the house. My adorable and lovely husband is asst. city manager for Portland. I stopped playing the flute a while back, but last winter I took up the harmonica, which is pretty much the only instrument you can play while wrapped up in a quilt.

I just got back from Kosova, former Yugoslavia. I've been going there and to Macedonia and Albania for five years and have brought fifteen kids here to finish high school. I've written a couple books on the place and suffer from some kind of weird addiction to the bizarreness of the region and its byzantine, convoluted, fatalistic, post-communist sense of reality. Trying to frustrate Milosevic has kept me amused for years. The Balkans are cool. People throw their garbage all over the place with abandon. And I do it too. It's fun. Once I met a pack of wolves at a bus stop. Going there is a lot like camping, but without the fresh air. I have actually had several spies assigned to me and one CIA agent. I used to be an art teacher. I became interested in Albanology because of a Columbo movie where he keeps trying to tell a joke about six Albanians in a bathtub.

Other than that I write children's books. I am not very mature, I suppose. Or maybe I should say that I enjoy being immature.

About ten years ago, I got ill--permanently--some kind of weird disease that has been eating away at my autonomic nervous system. That's the system that controls your vital signs. So who needs vital signs? Why did I get this? I have no idea.

For reasons I can't explain, I am sorry I missed the reunion. I hope you guys will have another one fairly soon.

Best wishes!
Alice Weber Mead