Chris Carlson

After high school, I went to Montana State University to study Electrical Engineering. Two years later, I flunked out and, rather than go back home, I joined the Air Force. Unfortunately, I had a motorcycle accident which cracked my skull and I couldn't get into the Air Force until I healed, about six months later. So, January, 1972, I enlisted.

For 3 years, I fixed fighters in Las Vegas. I was able to get them to let me work nights so I could go to school in the day at UNLV. The next 3 years, I continued in the Air Force in Las Vegas, but I worked in the computer department (the best thing that happened to be for my career).

Just before I got out, I married an officer (against the law in the military). We bought a house together and divorced a year and a half later.

I had a top secret job for three years following the Air Force. I had to fly to work and back every day.

I finished my degree (although I'm technically oriented, my degree is a BS in Business Management) and immediately moved to La Jolla, California, to work at M/A-COM Linkabit as a software engineer.

Three years later, I moved to Long Beach, California, working for Hughes Aircraft. During this time, I went to USC and, for the first time in my life, got straight A's.

Anyway, in 1988, I got a job with Silicon Graphics, Inc. You might know them for what they do. They make the computer that is used for 97% of the cool 3-D graphics you see on TV and the movies. George Lucas used their computers to develop Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and just about every music video you can imagine. Also, Pixar uses their computer to develop Toy Story, It's a Bug's Life and Toy Story 2.

Eight years there, and I moved on. Now, I'm working for MTI Technology in Anaheim, California. I write embedded software for RAID devices.

On a more personal note, in 1995, my mother asked me to go to Switzerland with her. I got so thrilled with Europe, I returned to California and immediately started taking classes in French. Although I've had 4 semesters of French, now, I'm still a babbling idiot with the language. I've been to Paris twice to school at Sorbonne and am going to take my mother there this summer for vacation. I'm afraid her life is coming to an end and I want her to see Paris before she goes.

Can you believe it? I can find my way around in Paris better than New York.

Anyway, here's my current vital statistics:

[email protected]

I'm still single and quite active.

I've attached a recent photo. Actually, I have a picture of my brothers and me and I clipped my face out of it. We had the pictures taken last year, so it's close enough.

So, now I want to start reading all the stuff in Steven's web page about us. I'd love to hear about your life since SHS.