Susan Carmel

Who'd've thought, 30 years ago, that I'd wind up as a straight "gay activist" living in Seattle, Washington! Well, I am.

After college (NYU) I basically slacked my way through my 20s in Los Angeles. When my son Adam was 3, I was divorced and moved back to NY. Adam is now 20. He's a college senior and a genuine mensch. I raised him in Rye Brook, a couple of exits up the Hutch. We were a happy little broken home; I spent those years earning a masters in education, then teaching 3rd grade, and playing tennis like a fanatic. But by 1991 both my son and I needed a new scene (for one thing, I had already dated the three single men my age living in Westchester) so we moved to Seattle, a personal dream city of mine.

It happened that, 6 years ago, I learned that my son is gay. After I came to, I began to get involved with gay rights stuff. For the past several years I've been a board member of the Seattle chapter of PFLAG. (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). I'm also, among other things, the proud President of the first official Gay Lesbian PTA in the country!

Seattle is a wonderful place, and my son and I feel so lucky to have made our way here. Don't believe that bosh about the rain! ( Ok, maybe its a little true in the winter...)