Bobbi Cohen

High school wasn't always easy for me. It seemed like we were always scrambling to meet deadlines, finish homework, pass tests, go to after school sports ( not me though, I went to dance class with Rita Chazen.) Friendship issues were big for me, though I had some good friends. I lost touch with most when I went to Wheaton. Though Laurie Livingston and Liz Stern all went there, we made different friends, had different dorms, went our own ways.

Now I'm still in high school it seems. And middle school. I am a guidance counselor in a small rural school in central Vermont. There are a total of about 250 students K-12. I have two daughters,Sarah and Allison, ages 17 and 11 respectively. I have been married to Mac Rood for 21 years. We live on 10 acres in Warren, Vermont with four Icelandic horses, a dog and cat. I've lived here since 1974. I did a stint in the Peace Corps in Congo formerly Zaire formerly Congo. My seven years of French paid off. I got back to Scarsdale frequently until recently. My parents have both died. My sister lives in Greenwich. I love to cook,read, fix up our house,Mac is an architect.

I work very hard trying to help kids get along and for some, get into Harvard. I never run out of things to do. I'm not famous, but I'm happy. I love to dance. I spent a month in Italy this past summer and want to go back. I'd love to hear from class members.

Bobbi Cohen Rood '99