Robert Epstein

October 7, 1951 - October 11, 2011

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Bob Epstein of Boulder, Colorado unexpectedly passed away on October 11, 2011. He was born in Fall River, Massachusetts on October 7, 1951 to Muriel and the late Seymour Epstein of NYC, NY.

Bob lived in Scarsdale, NYC and Cambridge, NY before moving to Boulder. He was a gifted artist and musician all of his life, playing lead guitar with The Mambo Combo in New York and with his bands Wasted Youth and Dark Star of Davidson in Colorado. Bob began his career in sculpture 25 years ago, spending his early years as a potter and ceramic sculptor before choosing the medium of bronze for his creative expression. In recent years, Bob became a wood sculptor, luthier and custom amp cabinet maker, as well as the benevolent Grand Poobah of Pan-Galactic Sculpture, a custom Harley Davidson engine parts company.

He is the cherished life partner of Jacqueline Buckner, beloved "extra daddy" to Cassidy, devoted loving father to Cass, Alex & Josh, caring brother to his sisters Susie, Randy and Jane, and their husbands, Jeff, Edgar and Bruce.

Bob loved his family, his friends and his life, and will be missed by everyone who knew and loved him. His huge heart and generosity of spirit lives on in all of us. Donations in Bob's memory can be made to The Seva Foundation and The Coral Reef Alliance.

(Steven's Note: Bob was a dear friend who became even more dear as the years went by. His passing was/is a real shocker as Bob had the heart of an angel and was the kindest, nicest, smartest, funniest and most vital alive person around. And a damn good guitar picker and artistan too! For those of you who didn't have the blessing to know Bob during or after high school, he was a real treat of person to spend time with. A delicious human being. Being the webmaster for our class has it's upsides and downsides. Having to author "In Memoriam" is certainly crushing at times. This being one of them. Bob... I miss you big time buddy. Thank you for your wisdom, spirit and inspiration. Keep on rocking and have a great jam with John, George, Jimi, Janice, Jim, et. al. Much Love Always, Steven)

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Text from Bob's profile page before his passing:

After SHS I spent several years at NYU and then moved Upstate to a commune on the Vermont border. I spent three years there learning to be a potter, playing guitar, building, welding, making molds, etc. In '76 I spent a year in the bay area of California and began seriously sculpting. I came back , got married, built a house in the woods, got into bronze, had three fantasic boys (now 11,16, and 19) and settled into small town life. I was selling my work mostly through galleries in NY and Boston. I've always kept playing music in one band or another (the current incarnation is "Wasted Youth").

I moved to Boulder, CO in '91, ostensibly for 2 years, but trials, tribulations, and divorce have kept me here. I've had a license with the Grateful Dead for about 14 years and was supplementing sculpture by making cast brass buckles and some motorcycle parts. After my divorce I put more energy into making that business real, and have branched out with it, concentrating on Harley parts. I've been working with Vietnam Vets organizations and the SEVA Foundation as well as the Dead and I make lots of custom parts. For a couple of years there I wasn't doing much sculpture, but I've been able to get back to it more and more, lately. If you're interested in checking out some of my sculpture (or if you need cool custom parts for your Harley) you can check out my website at or e-mail me at [email protected] I hope you are all happy and well.

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