Leslie Fried

After high school, Janet and I headed up to Rochester, NY (a warm and sunny climate) to spend the next 4 years braving frigid blizzards and foot deep snow, studying Photo Illustration. Guess we were sort of burned out studying art after high school and photography seemed like another great artistic medium to play with. We both got our BFA's there in 1973. Janet stayed in Rochester and I headed to New Jersey for a year or two, before moving back up to Rochester.

We both gradually became involved in the graphic design business, learning it from the ground up, complete with press type, waxers and typesetters. Thank goodness for Quark, InDesign and Apple computers - those days are long gone. Janet became a top art director at some of the leading ad agencies in Rochester, while I gravitated to smaller, more laid back design studios. We both got married - she has two boys Aaron and Max (now 25 and 23) and I have two girls Tara and Haley (21 and 16) and a boy Shawn (24).

We both ended up getting divorced after many years - didn't make good choices I'm afraid. She's remarried a wonderful man she's absolutely crazy about and is living and loving Atlanta, GA. I stayed in Rochester, NY (just couldn't leave that beautiful weather!) until my older daughter got married and moved to Charlotte, NC. At that point, it seemed sort of pointless to stay in Rochester. By that time I was running my own graphic design studio with a partner - but upstate business and morale was just getting worse and worse. So I spent 7 months searching for a job in the warmer, more vibrant southeast and ended up with a job offer as art director at a Myrtle Beach, SC ad agency. Let's see, beautiful sunny warm climate, ocean beaches, great job - I was willing to pay them to let me work there!

I moved myself, my sixteen year old and two 100lb. dogs here in June, 2007 and have been absolutely loving it ever since. I have become a confirmed beach bum - to justify all my beachcombing (every chance I get) I'm making and selling shell encrusted frames to galleries here. That's it in a nutshell - closer to family, making new friends and loving where I'm living!